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DaeHan Koreabios)thermo- Infrared(*yellow soil) + silver mat-pad

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  • Materialyellow soil(infrared)+ cotton+ silver mat


  • South Korea South Korea
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Hello there! *^^*

I'd like to introduce  New medical therapeutic &

 thermo pad, mat.

With global air polution, hardly we can get our infrared lay .Now, You can enjoy your infrared lay easily with this therapeutic & thermo pad.


This is very unique product:

1.Registered as Medical appliance

2.yellow soil ( infrared emission 92.4% with US patent)

3. Silver (reverse side is only made of 99% silver threaded)

4.No EMF/No magnetic field by circuit of prohibiting magnetic field technology

5.Daehan infrared( Koreabios) assembled10 layers precisely (*helpful for promoting health)& from coil of silver, we made it .

With yellow soil layer, you can enjoy Infrared emission 92.4%

With Silver layer( back side), you can purify your skin toxin having good night's sleep

With 25-65C  thermotherapy, you can clear up stresses & get pain relief.


In case of chronic arthiris & cancer, Thermotherapy with Infrared lay can do better.

Just enjoy this product..

1 person use

2 person use 



250w (1person) 480w( 2person)

*Koreabios( Dae Han Infrared has various kinds of size & Do not hesitate to email us


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