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Microcurrent Pulse Stimulation

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Minus Ion MPS 600

What is MPS (Microcurrent Pulse Stimulation)?

The application of the electric Microcurrent Pulse Stimulation (MPS) makes nerve of muscle activities excised or suppressed. It provides the acupuncture like deep sensory perception and much more power than a normal acupuncture using needles.This modality is invented by combining an oriental acupuncture technique with western electrotherapy. This device has been used clinically for more than ten years and widely accepted in many applications including pain relief.Healing Points of Human body(The nerve and blood vessel systems)

Features Micro Current Pulse Stimulator

(1) Micro current Mechanism
The electric current travels from the positive(+) electrode towards the negative(-) electrode. When the massage ball is selected as the positive electrode the current flow starts from the massage ball to a stimulated region, body, arm, and finally the main units. When the negative is selected, the current flows in the opposite direction. When the positive is selected, paralyzed nerves and muscles are activated by exciting the nerves. This is very effective for massaging the skin. On the other hand, when the negative is selected, the activities of the nerves are suppressed by analgesic and sedative effects. This is very effective in relieving pain.

(2)Three kinds of Stimulating Electrodes
Instead of pad-type electrodes of other stimulators, this unit provides three kinds of electrodes whose shapes are pointed, ball-type, and flatten round. One of the three types can be selected depending on the treatment modes and the location of region to be stimulated.

(3) MPS Features

  • Non-invasive and surface touching; easy to use and treated by oneself;
  • lightweight and compact design; easy to carry and use anywhere;
  • non-addictive and few side-effects; no running cost except battery replacement
  • Just ONE MINUTE stimulation would relieve pain on the treated region.