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Alkaline Power Water

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Alkaline Power Water 3001


Settlement filter :
As pre-filter, impurities of various dregs sized about 5ã?? such as rust or soil, sand, dust etc, before the fact of removing impurities that makes maximize cleaning water effect from early stage.

Free Carbon Filter :
it is combined filter system with adsorption function of activated carbon and block that makes delicious water removing unpleasant taste, absorbing smell etc.. and chlorine in water·agricultural chemicals ingredient·detergent as well as various organic chemical substances of carcinogenic substance etc..

It is patented filter Enterprise that makes a step higher purified water quite differ from water coming through existent reverse osmosis. It is filter that makes healthy water filtering bacteria and bacillus clearly by 0.346μm fine film and keeping necessary minerals for human body.

Alkali reduction water filter :
It is block type filter combined with natural mineral(KFDA stability ; Effectiveness Material) and MG catalyst that keeps PH 9.5 ±0.3 that is medical treatment material generator clearance requirement, and it is functional filter improving reducing power(ORP) by creating active hydrogen.