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Bio Ion Underwear

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Bio &Ion Underwear


  • The Bio &minus ion Undershirt is a soft and stylist fashion undershirt with specially foam treated Far infrared rays radiation material in the abdominal and spinal part which maximizes the effect of ulfrared rays radiation. it feels cool like linen in Summer and warm in Winter. Especially, the undershirt has a good effect on back ache and indigestion.

  • The Bio Man's underpants are excellent at air ventilation to maintain dry and pleasant feel.
    Particularly, the form treated front part of thd underpants has a training effect for masculine beauty. Besides, it vitalizes cells to remove lumbago, constipation, penis eczema. Far infrared ray is the longest wavelength one among the light beams, whose spectrum (4-16 micron)is most benefitting human body.

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