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Health Patch

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Health Patch
The foot is a vital element for humans since we walk upright. Hampering of the blood's circulation often starts with the foot; more specifically, the body's micro-nerve system the corresponds with the body's inter organs is concentrated in the foot. This is called human's body relation with the sole of the according to traditional Oriental medicine.

A health patch increases natural healing when applied to the foot and a vital powder composed of chito-oligosaccharide, agaricus, and holyessing of trees. a health product and traditional oriental therapy that gives the user a fresh feeling by simply attaching it to the foot.

How To Use

  • Attach a patch to your feet before sleeping. Remove and wash your feet in the following morning.
  • After spreading the powder evenly throughout the patch, remove the protective sheet and stick the adhesive onto the middle of the patch.
  • It is recommended to attach the product onto the entire sole when applying for the first time.
  • Depending on the condition of your health, the quantity of secretion and color may vary.