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Anti-Cancer Inspector

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Anti-Cancer Inspector
Anti-Cancer Photobotanic Traditional Korean Fermented Liquor
Registration No.: Daegu Dalseong No. 255 Natural


  • Negative Ion Fermented Liquid
  • Immunity, Anticancer Power Vegetable Fermented Ultrafine Particles No Coloring, No Preservative 100% Natural, Keep the product in cold storage at 10°C
  • 0 Mix 300CC of undiluted solution with 1800ml of water and take a glass every 10 minutes after dilution.
  • 1 Dosage: Take it for consecutive five (5) days and then repeatedly take the prescribed volume only. Then efficacy will increase.

Super Natural Negative Ion Energy
Developed by: "Doin (the Ascetic)"
Patented Natural Photocatalystic Negative Ions
Natural Photocatalystic Negative Ions