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Bio Hand Shower 221

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Bio Hand shower

4step Filtering System

  1. Filter (Silver coated filter)
    Removal of rust and alien substance with Anti-bacteria effect
  2. Filter (Biohealth vitamin-C filter)
    (Hydrobio powder, vitamin-C, chitosan, aroma) world patented material for good blood circulation, removal og chlorine, heavy metals and activating oxygen, skin moistening
  3. Filter(Activating ceramic ball)
    Making the cluster of water small to penetrate into the skin smoothly with anti-bacteria effect
  4. Filter(Far-infrared and Anion emitting bioceramic ball Far-infrared and negative ion effect


  • Change the 2nd filter (Hydro Bio + Vitamin C), in every 2~4 months.
    About 2 months for 4 family wse and 4 months for single use.
  • The powder in the filter is changed into extract liquid type which functions when use.
  • Even when the powder looks disappeared, it can be used 20~30 days more. since still remains as liquid form.
  • Change the filter when the water looks clean as tap water.
  • All the other filter can be used semi-permanently.
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