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Thermal Sunstone Mattress 201

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Thermal Sunstone Mattress


  • Voltage: AC110-220 50~60Hz
  • Surface temperature: 25~75°C
  • Watt: 360 W (1persons:200W)
  • For 2 persons
  • Size : 2000 x 1480 x 80mm

The main material is alumina, which is an applied conductor of special conduction heat contained in mysterious mineral ingredients extracted from vitality germanium the most advanced new material. It is originally called vital zone and is a component that strong vitality energy is emitted from itself.  

In particular, it promotes the circulation of blood and metabolism of cells, and is a new mineral material that gives the promotion of metabolism by causing effects such as thermal comfort, ripening, magnetism, drying and wetting, neutralization and resonance, accompanied with the effect of cauterizing.  

The sunstone mineral matter is distributed variously in all places of the earth, but the element beneficial to the human body is distributed naturally, forming rock layers at a depth of about 2,000 meters underground. It is a new substance that maintains a metal element having strong magnetic absorption force in the place where air and light are blocked and that changes into the mineral matter vitality stone emitting vitality energy when it comes in contact with light and air. As a very small amount of chrome that is a colorless and transparent crystal is contained specially in the single-layer mineral of the geology of alumina, it has a red color, and that which sunstone is crystallized at plus 2,000 degree centigrade is the gems ruby and sapphire.  

Our company applies the high-efficiency far infra-red radiator made at the high temperature of plus 1,650 degree centigrade.